Mobile App

Make the recharge process easier and get new customers.

Get visibility and new customers.

Attract more customers to your hotel, store, restaurant, or other business.

Freely manage the charging of your existing or potential customers' cars, motorbikes or bicycles.

Using our management service you can choose who to charge, how much and how.

The mobile app for EV users at no cost.

Build your customer loyalty with the Android or IOS app.

The download of the app is simple and immediate.

Once registered, the charge starts immediately and in real time you can see the status, costs and you can end the charge at any time.

The management system for CPO.

Whether it's a hotel, restaurant, company, municipality, sports centre, supermarket, etc., the owner is free to decide the charging costs, any free rewards, loyalty offers, etc.

In a company or apartment building, it is easy to divide the recharge costs according to actual consumption.

Search, select, book and pay.

The app provides an easy way to search for columns, book and pay for charging quickly and easily, allowing the user to save their preferred payment method.

A white-label product.

Request to customize the app with your branding and graphic interface.

Become "EV charging ready"

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