Charging stations for homes, apartment buildings and parking lots.
Charging stations for shopping centres, companies, municipal areas, etc.
Fast charging stations for petrol stations, electric fleets, taxis, etc.

Charging solutions for electric vehicles, for public and private use

The EVchargers division of Detas SpA offers a range of products and solutions designed to facilitate the charging of Electric Vehicles (EV).

EVchargers aims to provide user-friendly solutions for charging electric vehicles in a variety of scenarios such as private homes, urban areas, car parks, department stores, petrol stations, etc.

Our range offers a wide selection of solutions including slow charging (AC) and fast charging (DC).

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Home charging

How much is the energy consumption? How long does it take to recharge?

Shopping malls

Shopping malls, supermarkets and retail outlets.

Service Stations

Why offer fast charging at gas stations?

Car dealers

Charging solutions for car dealers customers.

Company parking lots

From staff loyalty and motivation to charging their electric fleet.

Mobile app

Dedicated to users and companies.

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