Company parking lots

Charging electric vehicles in workplaces or for company fleets.

Why recharge your car in the company car park?

Because the workplace is the second most used location for recharging and because it can take advantage of the competitive price paid by the companies.

The best places to charge electric cars at low cost are places where vehicles are staying for long time. Along with the home, the workplace is an essential place to charge your vehicle.

Some people are also unable to recharge at home (because they don't have a garage/parking space): for these people, recharging in the company could make the difference between buying an electric vehicle or not.

Which advantages do I have as a company to offer a charging service?

The benefits are many.

Considering that the investment in infrastructure (charging station and electrical system) can be minimal, the most important benefits are:
- Staff loyalty and motivation: an employee with an electric car will be grateful to his company for this possibility.
- Service for customers and visitors: Customers and visitors will also appreciate and value this service.
- Corporate image: the entrepreneur who has understood the importance of this service conveys the image of a company that is avant-garde and environmentally aware.
- Recharging one's own electric fleet: the same infrastructure can be used to recharge the company's electric fleet, thus achieving the greatest advantages of electric mobility for the company.

Is there any kind of additional visibility for my facility?


There are maps and sites that list the charging points in the area; these portals are a point of reference for owners of electric vehicles, so, once the charging station has been installed, it is very important to be present with your business so that you can be visible and traceable immediately. Signaling your own charging station is free and fast.
It will then be useful to include, on your website, this service in the list of services available at your facility.

Which kind of charging station should I install?

Detas evChargers in its product range offers solutions dedicated to the companies andcorporate parking: