Service Stations

Fast charging of electric vehicles on motorways and at service stations.

Is it a good idea to install a charging system in a gas station?

Yes, but on one condition: that you offer fast charging.

Service Stations are places already equipped to offer many services dedicated to vehicles and motorists. Surely expanding the current offer with the recharging service for electric vehicles is a good business strategy, considering the strong development that electric mobility is having all over the world.

The fundamental point to understand - in order to avoid wrong choices in these places - is the recharging time.

However, electric vehicles can be recharged also very quickly, using high power DC recharging stations. With these devices, the charging time becomes compatible with the stay inside a Service Station (in about 20-30 minutes an almost complete recharge can be performed).

What is the benefit to the Mall offering EV charging?

They are the most suitable places ever.

EVs need ultra-fast charging points.
Slow recharging (normally done at home or at work) allows the EV to be used in a limited area; to extend the use of EVs to medium to long distances, well-located fast charging points are essential.

The ideal positioning of DC fast charging stations is in both urban and extra-urban areas, typically on main roads.

The power available at the place of installation is another very important factor: an accelerated recharge requires at least 30/40 kW, an ultra-rapid recharge requires 150kw to 250kw which is technically feasible for some ev such as the Tesla Model 3.

For these reasons, Service Stations are certainly one of the most suitable locations for the installation of fast charging points for electric vehicles.

Is there any kind of additional visibility for my facility?


There are maps and sites that list the charging points in the area; these portals are a point of reference for owners of electric vehicles, so, once the charging station has been installed, it is very important to be present with your business so that you can be visible and traceable immediately. Signaling your own charging station is free and fast.
It will then be useful to include, on your website, this service in the list of services available at your facility.

Can I request payment from the user of the charging station?

Certainly yes, especially for this type of charging (fast charging).

The best way to offer a pay-as-you-go fast-charging service is to use charging stations that comply with the standards currently in use in all European countries, with particular reference to the management method.

Normally, these charging stations are part of a public access network, interoperable by different players thanks to Roaming agreements, accessible by any user with different methods (Smartphone App, RFID cards, Credit Cards, etc.).

Detas evChargers offers everything needed (Hardware, Software and Assistance) to build and make immediately operational a fast charging station for electric vehicles.

Which kind of charging station should I install?

Detas evChargers in its product range offers solutions dedicated to Service Stations: