Shopping malls

Attract new customers and offer a state-of-the-art service.

Which businesses are suitable for offering an electric vehicle charging service?

Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Outlets, Points of Sale, etc...

Electric vehicle drivers are constantly looking for recharging points to refuel.
The Shopping Centres that offer this service are giving an image of innovative company and can target to collect those particular type of customers.
It is reasonable to expect that the time necessary for recharging is spent inside the Shopping Centre.

What is the benefit to the Mall offering EV charging?

Attract new customers.

A customer who owns an electric car will certainly prefer a facility that offers a charging service. For most of them, being able to have a charging point in a Shopping Centre will make the difference in choosing which Store to go to. The number of electric cars is constantly increasing, vehicle rental companies have already started to include some electric vehicles in their fleets, many tourists from abroad are already looking for facilities that can offer this service. With a small expense, you can equip your Shopping Centre with a safe, easy to use and universal recharging system.

Is there any kind of additional visibility for my facility?


There are maps and sites that list the charging points in the area; these portals are a point of reference for owners of electric vehicles, so, once the charging station has been installed, it is very important to be present with your business so that you can be visible and traceable immediately. Signaling your own charging station is free and fast.
It will then be useful to include, on your website, this service in the list of services available at your facility.

How much does it cost to recharge an electric vehicle?

A little.

The complete recharge of a medium-sized electric car involves an expenditure of about 10 € of electricity and requires about 5 hours of time (considering a slow recharge at 7 kW). With a full recharge it is possible to do about 250-300 km.
In the case of accommodation facilities, this autonomy is fully able to cover the daily movements of tourists, who will probably do partial recharges every night because it is unlikely that they will consume the whole battery every day doing 250-300 km (so it is reasonable to expect a daily cost per electric car of about 5/10 €).
In the case of restaurants, the recharge time will never be obviously 5 hours, but customers will stay on the charge for the time of lunch or dinner: a recharge of 2 hours at 7 kW allows to recharge about 50/100 km with an energy cost of about 5 €.

Which kind of charging station should I install?

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